Most of my writing focuses on the literature of the American Southwest and concentrates ideas and theories of Space, Place, Memory, and Identity. In my writing, I attempt to integrate Border Theory alongside elements of social and cultural geography to interrogate the complex synthesis of Euro-American, Latinx, and Native identities in the SW. See more at Academia site and TTU website:



Essay from Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Film and Popular Culture. (Contains an excerpt from my (as-yet!) unpublished novel, Becoming Nawili.)

Essay “Border Theory and the Politics of Place, Space, and Memory in John Sayles Lone Star

Essay (Breaking Bad) “Negro y Azul: The Narcocorrido Goes Gothic”

Essay “Cyborg Bodies, Strategies of Consciousness, and Ecological Revolution on the Borderlands: Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer.

Esssay “Written on the Body: A Third Space Reading of McMurtry’s Streets of Laredo.

Book Reviews